Thursday, December 31, 2020
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8.9 Million People Relocated Since the Beginning of the Pandemic
2020 will go down in history as a year when a pandemic changed the world. Who could have imagined, one year ago, that so many of us would be staying home for social distancing in order to help save lives?... Read More >
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5 Reasons Why Veterans Make Excellent Real Estate Agents
When transitioning into the private sector, many veterans find that the valuable skills they picked up during their training don't always get recognized in the job market. Fortunately, many of those same traits and skills can actually translate to those of a real estate agent....
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Yun Addresses Current and Future Housing Market Trends
While much has been negatively affected due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, there's one segment of the economy that has continued to thrive despite the surrounding challenges: the housing market....
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Great Real Estate Marketing Matters Now More Than Ever
At many major companies, marketing is the first thing to go during tough economic times. However, research has suggested this move can actually set these businesses back even further. ...
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Working From Home Presents Some Real Estate Challenges, But Even More Opportunities
Even though we're moving into 2021, the so-called "return to normalcy" is shaping up to be anything but normal. Many are finding that going back to work is a harrowing journey ...
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The Importance of Servant Leadership
Are you feeling pressure to quickly learn new technology, close transactions quickly, or be in the top tier of your office? That’s all very important. But, in my experience, there’s something else you need to do ...
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Understanding Millennial Home-Buying Preferences
If your agents work with first-time homebuyers, chances are they're going to be working with millennials. Here are six things you need to know about the millennial generation...
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