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Fannie Mae: Mortgage Rates Will Dip Below 6% in 2024
There is widespread confidence among experts and leaders in residential real estate that the housing market will make a gradual return to balance in the year ahead. The latest research from Fannie Mae supports this belief... Read More >
Decreasing Mortgage Rates Can Mean Savings for Buyers
At long last, homebuyers are seeing some much-needed relief, and homeowners are starting to break away from "rate lock"...
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Cleaning Hot Spots for Faking a Tidy Home
While you may not have time for a weekly deep clean, there are several tidying tasks that can help your house appear spotless...
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Survey: Most of Us Want to Sleep Better
According to Herbalife, 78% of Americans are trying to improve their sleep in 2024, with nearly half ranking it as their No. 1 priority...
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Healthy Eating Tips for 2024
Consider making a few of the following changes to your diet this year to help improve your overall eating habits and your health....
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