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How to Make the Most of Your Small Backyard
When it comes to creating a beautiful outdoor space, less can definitely be more. No matter how small your yard, you can turn it into an engaging haven with just a few smart design decisions. Try one or two of these expert ideas ... Read More >
How to Avoid Home-Improvement Scams
As the weather continues to warm up around the country, many homeowners are taking advantage of the favorable conditions to launch a home-improvement project...
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Survey: What Matters Most to Homeowners
According to the survey, respondents spent an average of $3,600 within their first year of homeownership in order to help make the house their own...
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Digital Banking Habits on the Rise
Increasing deposits, transferring funds and viewing statements came in as the top digital banking actions Americans plan to prioritize this year...
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5 Ways to Use Your Phone Less
The amount of time spent daily on mobile devices increased by 39.3% in 2022, with Americans checking their phones on average 96 times a day...
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