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Sunday, April 26, 2020
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Using the Weekend to Revamp Your Online Offerings
Another weekend with no plans? Maybe you’re under mandated “stay-at-home” rules, or maybe you’re just sticking it out at home until everything... More
How to Upgrade Your Real Estate License from Agent to Broker
Have some extra time on your hands? Consider getting your broker’s license! Being a... More
Work From Your Commitment
There’s a reason that agents tend to want to work with buyers instead of sellers... More
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4 Things That Shouldn’t Worry You When Buying a Fixer-Upper
Gauging a potential fixer-upper is a complicated undertaking that requires experience, knowledge and good judgment to know... More
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Which Bathroom Upgrades Have the Highest ROI?
If you want to remodel your bathroom, expensive upgrades may not pay off when you sell your house.
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