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The Biggest Stressors When Selling? Time and Money
Understandably, there’s a lot of stress involved in selling a home. From staging it to appeal to the biggest pool of buyers, to taking care of necessary repairs, to keeping it clean for last-minute showings, sellers are juggling a lot of responsibilities. But the two biggest stressors? Uncertainty about timing and price.... Read More >
Extend Your Outdoor Living Season
Even though the crisp air of fall has descended upon much of the country, you can still enjoy your home’s outdoor...
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2020 Home Design: Tech, Eco and Zen Lead the Way
American homes are a study in contradiction. From an increasing...
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Paint Your Way to Nature
If you’re looking to change up your home’s color palette in the coming months, get inspired by Mother Nature....
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Kids in College? Adjust Your Insurance Accordingly
If you’ve successfully transitioned your child out of the house and into college...
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