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5 Fall "Nesting" Tips

As the fall approaches, many homeowners across the country are saying goodbye to summer, and hello to fall. One great way to welcome the new season is to take an afternoon - or a weekend - and spend time nesting in your space. 

Rearrange. One fun way to head into the new season is to pick a few rooms in the house and rearrange your furniture. It’s amazing how much your space can change with a simple layout restructure. Pick a new wall for that couch, slide your bookshelf to the other side of the room, or swap the way your bed is facing.

Clear clutter. Don’t wait for spring to clean out the clutter. Grab a cardboard box and move through each room in your space, grabbing as many unnecessary items as possible. Books you won’t read again, over-worn clothing, well intentioned gifts you will never use...the list goes on. Once you’ve filled a box (or two!), donate, sell or give away.

Clean the hard-to-reach spots. I always recommend using the season change - any season change - as an excuse for deep cleaning. Pull your fridge and stove out from the wall and clean behind them, scrub your baseboards and doors, and empty the items from your cupboards to clean and reorganize.

Up the cozy factor. Now that your home has been re-arranged, decluttered and cleaned, add a few warm touches for the approach of a cooler season. Consider fluffy blankets, heavy or dark window dressings, and thick throw rugs to protect your bare feet from cold tile or wood.

Create a fall display. A final nesting finishing touch? Steal a home-staging tip and craft a seasonal display. Choose a focal point in your home, like the dining room table, kitchen island or entryway console, and create a festive fall centerpiece. Grab a bright pumpkin, some fall flowers, acorns or other seasonal accoutrement, and get creative with your arrangement.

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