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Building a New Home? Here‘s Why You Need an Inspection
With every detail brand spanking new, why would you possibly need an inspection on a new construction home? For several reasons, say the experts at Home Team Inspection. For one thing, inspecting a new construction home will allow you to check out the structural and mechanical components of the home... Read More >
Homeowners Moving Forward on Renovations Despite Debt
More than two-thirds of U.S. homeowners who already carry significant debt are planning home renovations, with most intending to finance the projects with credit cards...
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Low Interest Rates Driving Homebuyers to Market...But Is There Enough to Go Around?
While a low inventory of available homes to buy had slowly been increasing over the past 10 months, things are tightening up...
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CDC Health Tips for Back-to-School Success
Healthy students are better learners. As the kids head back to school, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is providing a list of common-sense tips...
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Gen X Plans Its Next Home-Buying Move
Sitting between their millennial children and baby boomer parents, Generation X appears to be hitting their stride as they take on a new milestone: their 50s....
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