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Sunday, July 28, 2019
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How to Create Long-Lasting and Profitable Client Relationships
You’ve closed a deal and now you’re done with that client—right? Wrong! Just because the transaction is over doesn’t mean... More
5 Ways You Can Use Your Smartphone to Gain an Edge and Become a Better Agent
If you're one of the approximately two million people in the United States that holds... More
10 Ways to Grow Your Social Media and Digital Marketing Knowledge
In today’s tech-savvy real estate world, a solid digital marketing strategy and well-honed... More
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Planning to DIY Your Kitchen Floor? Here‘s What You Need
Redoing your kitchen floor on your own is an ambitious undertaking that can be accomplished with the right supplies, tools... More
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A Guide to the Perfect Farmhouse
Here are the five features that create a perfect rural escape.
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