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Appliance and Fixture Cleaning Hacks

You likely have a vacuum, declutter and wipe-down routine - but how often are you cleaning your appliances and fixtures? Appliances are often overlooked in the weekly household wipe-down. Below are five appliance and fixture cleaning hacks for spots in your home that could use a little TLC.

Coffee pot. Fill your water chamber with half water, half white vinegar, and run the coffee pot for a cycle. Dump the liquid, then use fresh (no vinegar!) water to repeat this step two more times to remove any vinegar flavor. Finally, soak your pot in hot sudsy water and scrub it clean.

Stove hood filters. If you have a hood over your stove, your hood filters are likely clogged up with grease. Twice a year, fill a bucket with near-boiling water, baking soda and degreasing dish liquid. Remove your hood filters and plop them in the bucket. Leave for thirty-minutes, remove, scrub and dry.

Stove burners. Stove burners are often the culprit for baked-on messes. Several times a year, remove them from the stove, and place in a plastic gallon bag partially filled with vinegar and water. You may need a few bags. Leave them overnight, and in the morning, scrub with a toothbrush and a little baking soda if needed.

Shower head. Shower heads often have mineral build up from daily use, which can appear rusty or scaly. To fix, fill sturdy plastic bag (no leaks!) with a mix of vinegar and water, and secure it around your shower head using rubber bands. Leave for an hour, remove, and scrub with a toothbrush.

Freezer. Since the freezer houses items long-term, it can be easy to forget to clean it when you scrub the fridge. Twice a year, prep a cooler full of ice packs, turn your freezer off, and unload frozen items into your cooler. Empty your ice or any ice trays, and soak trays in hot, sudsy water. Grab a rag, dip it in hot soapy water and wipe down the inside of the unit. Then, spray with cleaner or a water and vinegar mix, wipe down again, and reload your items.

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