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Staying Snuggly Warm at Home - Without Touching the Thermostat!

Like many of us, you may be counting down the days until spring. With winter weather comes increased heating bills and depleted bank accounts. Read on for the scoop on keeping your home warm, without touching your thermostat.

Check seals. If your home feels drafty, one of the first things you should do is check the seals around your windows and doors and reseal if needed. If everything is sealed properly and you still feel like you're getting a draft, cover windows with plastic, and even doors you don't use often, like a patio or side door.

Open the curtains. During sunny afternoons, draw the curtains to let sunshine flow inside and warm your space naturally. In the evenings, close them to keep heat trapped inside.

Fuzzy everything. Deck your house out with warm, snuggly accents, from thick socks to sweaters and blankets draped over every lounging surface.

Don't forget the floor! There's little worse than placing your bare feet on cool tiles or stone, and in the colder months, a chill from the floor can travel through the coziest of socks. While we all can't afford the luxury of radiant heat flooring, consider stocking up on some thick carpeted runners and area rugs for spots that get a lot of indoor traffic, like your bedside, the bathroom, kitchen and hallways.

Close doors. If you don't live in an open-floor style space, close the doors to rooms you aren't frequenting daily to stop drafts and keep precious heat in the rooms you do use.

Spend time in the kitchen. From soup to biscuits, keep your body and home warm by cooking more in the winter seasons. Warm foods will fill you up and elevate your body temperature.

Accessorize. Scarves, slippers and hats can all be worn indoors to up your cozy factor. While gloves may be a little impractical in the house, no one will judge!

Heating pads. Use microwavable heating pads to keep you toasty as you read, watch a movie, cook or catch up on those work emails. If you're not into the microwavable kind, go old-school with a hot water bottle.

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