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Creating a Clean Home Routine

With busy lives, it's easy to fall back on your home cleaning, and the longer you wait, the more daunting the task. One solution is to create a clean home routine, much like you would an exercise plan. Below are a few top tips.

Prioritize. While items like a bathroom and kitchen wipe down should be done every week, other jobs only need to happen once a month, or even seasonally. A fridge clean out should happen once a month, whereas cleaning your window screens can happen seasonally. Write a list of what jobs need to happen, and when.

Create a rotation. Now that you've prioritized your to-dos, create a rotating year-long calendar so you know what jobs need to happen when. That first weekend in fall is a great time to clear the gutters, and Spring is a wonderful time to empty out closets and storage spaces.

Schedule. Pick a two-hour weekly window to spend cleaning your home. Dedicate the first hour to weekly must-dos, like a declutter sweep and a kitchen and bath wipe down. Then, spend the second hour on special tasks based on your priority list. The key here is cleaning at the same time every week. By setting aside Saturday morning or Thursday afternoons, you know the job will always get done, and with your rotating calendar, you'll always know what job you should be doing -  a simple glance at your calendar can tell you this Sunday is time to scrub the baseboards or tackle the windows.

Delegate. If you're not living solo, there's no reason you should be cleaning solo. Enlist your army of family members or roommates and ask them to commit to your weekly cleaning window, or choose a time that works best with the group. Then, write down who should be doing what task, so everyone knows what to focus on. Don't forget to rotate the chores so no one is stuck cleaning the toilet every time.

Make it fun. To help keep up motivation, find a way to make cleaning fun. Blast your family's favorite music, dole out allowance after the cleaning is done, or treat everyone to Sunday brunch or a family movie night following your weekly home sweep.

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