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5 Steps to Deep Clean a Room

While a light vacuum and dust is fine for weekly cleanings, two to three times a year, it's important to deep clean your home. For many, that can seem overwhelming. One way to simplify this task is to break it down room by room, taking one or two rooms per weekend for a full month, until your whole home is done. Below are five steps for deep cleaning a room.

Declutter. Before you get to de-griming, declutter. Remove any items you don't need, and consider selling or donating decorative items - they gather dust, can overwhelm the eye, and make cleaning more difficult.

Push furniture to the center. Once you've decluttered, push all furniture and large items to the center of the room and cover them with a sheet or drop cloth. This will free up the hard to reach and often filthy real estate behind couches, chairs, bookshelves and beds.

High to low. Now that your space is decluttered and clear, start your deep clean with the ceiling, then move down the walls - this is when you'll be glad you covered that sofa with a drop cloth!

Windows. Whatever you do when you deep clean, don't skip the windows. Pop out screens and scrub them with a toothbrush. Clean out tracks, and shine up your glass.

Floor work. Now that the ceiling, walls and windows are sparkling, clean the baseboards, cracks and corners. Finish by pushing your furniture back in place and giving the floor a final vacuum and mop.

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