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Fall Home Hacks to Try Today

Take advantage of the season change to hack a few DIY home improvement projects. The following projects won't take more than a few hours each.

Get caulky. Have a family "caulk" party to make this task speedy and efficient. Show your loved ones how to walk your home and use a screwdriver to probe any exposed wood trim, windows, door frames, flooring, decks. If you find any cracks or holes, flag and fill them in with caulk to keep cool air from cruising indoors or heat from escaping.

Insulate your attached garage. To keep your home warm all winter, consider insulating your garage door, if the garage is attached to the house. If you're not a home improvement buff, you may want to call in an expert for this.

Schedule time for raking leaves. Depending on the size of your yard, fallen leaves can be overwhelming in the fall - but not if you keep on top of them. Sit down with your family and schedule one hour a week to tackle leaves, all hands on deck.

Prep cold-weather must-haves. Snagging winter essentials like shovels, extra batteries and rock salt will mean you have them on hand when you need them - before there's a mad rush at the store.

Car maintenance. Your house isn't the only facet that needs a seasonal boost. Use fall to swap out your windshield wipers, get an oil change, ditch your summer tires for winter tires if you need them, or at least fill your existing tires with air.  

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