Friday, October 19, 2018
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Ultimate Lead Generation: Hosting a Real Estate Seminar

Thinking about putting yourself out there and hosting a seminar or webinar? Hosting a real estate webinar or seminar is one of the best lead generation techniques...
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Prepping Like a Professional
Now that summer is officially over, there's a familiar crispness in the air that ushers in...
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Video-Chatting With Facebook's Portal: Gauging Convenience vs. Privacy Risk
Members of real estate—an industry in which technology has truly transformed the...
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Home Safety Reminders for Halloween
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When to Negotiate on the Price of a Home
In the market for a home? Once you've found the right one, making the right offer is crucial. Your agent will advise you on what that offer should be, but sometimes negotiating with the sellers is possible.     Products     ACEsocial