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5 Ways to Add Blue to Your Home

Looking to add some color to your home? Consider blue, which promotes peace, calm, and creativity. And, since blue is a color found in nature, blue accents in your home can help you feel grounded. Unsure of how to work the color into your design scheme?  

Front door. Whether you choose navy or sky, a blue front door can create a peaceful welcome to your home. Bonus: Blue matches with so many different colors, it will be easy to find a shade that goes with your exterior paint.

Backsplash. Blue is a great choice for a kitchen or bathroom tile backsplash, as it's versatile and dark enough to hide any discoloration that may eventually occur. Don't want to go full blue? Speckle your gray or white tile scheme with the occasional blue square for a more subtle look.

Furniture. Sofas, chairs, and even tables can all look good in a shade of blue. Consider a vintage-inspired blue armoire or end table, or an easy chair for a pop of peaceful color.

Kitchen accents. Bring blue to your kitchen by choosing a set of blue enamel pots and pans, and hanging them on the wall or above your stove. Other options include small appliances, like a tea kettle, blender base or toaster oven to let blues bloom in your cooking space.

Bedroom vibes. Painting a wall in your bedroom blue can help promote deeper sleep. Try the wall across from your bed, or even the ceiling! Not looking for a paint job? A blue throw on the bed can work, too. 

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