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Pro Tips for Painting Your Home's Exterior

Planning on giving your home's exterior a fresh coat of paint? There's no need to call in the pros for this job if you have a few free weekends, a sprayer, pressure washer, some scaffolding, and a friend or family member to help. Below are a handful of pro tips for painting the outside of your home.

Inspect. Check out the siding for peeling or chipping, mildew and damage. Use a chlorine bleach mixture in a garden sprayer to clean off any mildew.

Pressure wash. It's important to pressure wash your home's exterior before adding fresh paint, as this will remove dirt and old paint.

Patch and sand. Use caulk to patch any spots that need a little TLC, and sand down any rough surfaces for optimal painting conditions.

Prime. Use a primer to create a sealed surface for your new paint. You may need to let your primer cure before painting, so check the label for wait times.

Paint. Hopefully, you've already chosen a high-quality exterior paint, and tested the color to make sure you love it. Next, paint using a spray and back roll method, a tactic that requires two people. One person will use a sprayer to quickly and evenly spread paint across the surface, and the other will roll over it.

Paint again. Two coats of paint is better than one. Wait until the first layer is fully dry (check the paint label for timing) and then do it again.

Detail. Once the sides of your home are done, it's time to do the detail work, which could include trim, windows, door frames, fascia and molding. Use a small brush—and someone with a steady hand—for this job.

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