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Renovating: Should You Call in the Pros?

If you're making renovations to your home, and are going through the process of seeking professionals or creating a budget, you may have had the inkling that perhaps you could do some of this work yourself.

It's true, there are many home improvement projects that a diligent, eager homeowner can do themselves - especially when it comes to lighter detail work.

A lot will depend on your time, level of expertise or willingness to handle the job, amount of help from friends or relatives, and how much you want, or need, to save by doing the job yourself. You could save up to 20 percent of the project cost through your own hard work.

However, there are some jobs that should be kept for the pros, assuming that you're not a professionally licensed electrician or plumber yourself.

Unless you are very experienced, home improvement experts suggest that you stick to painting, minor landscaping, building interior shelving, and other minor aesthetic changes. Those new built-in bookshelves? Sure, take a stab! Rewiring the bathroom? Call in a pro.

Remember, too, that you may need to deal with local agencies to get permits, inspections, variances, and certificates of occupancy.

So where should you start if you want to regrout the bathroom or wallpaper the dining room? In addition to the endless supply of high-quality DIY content on the internet, there are several do-it-yourself books that offer guidance, and some home improvement stores, such as Home Depot or Lowe’s, offer classes that can be helpful getting you on the right track.

Be aware, however, that you may end up spending more time, and up to double your estimated budget, if problems arise. Also, you may have difficulty selling your home if the workmanship looks shoddy. 

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