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How to Start Making Energy-Efficient Home Improvements

You recycle, you carpool, you try to be mindful to your carbon footprint. But how can you begin making energy-efficient improvements to your home?

Many homes, especially older homes, have small quirks that can lead to serious energy loss. To start making energy-efficient improvements, pay mind to the following suggestions.

Small spaces matter. Begin by focusing on those small cracks and crevices around doors and windows. According to Lowe’s, a 1/8” space between a standard exterior door and its threshold is equivalent to a two square inch hole in the wall. Close those gaps to save up to 15 percent in heating and cooling costs and also reduce the demand on your heating and cooling system.  

Check your water heater. Lower your water heater’s thermostat setting, and blanket or insulate the water heater to reduce the amount of heat lost by the unit, particularly if it is located in an unheated area. You can also insulate the hot water pipes to prevent heat loss that can cause your water heater to work harder.

Change those furnace filters. Another step you can take is to change furnace filters to prevent reduced airflow through the heating and cooling system. This will also prevent overheating that can lead to premature compressor damage in the A/C systems.

Upgrade your appliances. If your budget allows, upgrade your toilet, washer/dryer and dishwasher to an energy-efficient model. A cheap tweak with a big payback is to install water-saving shower heads.

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