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5 Things to Do With an Unused Fireplace

Whether you're closing down your fireplace for spring or simply never use it, that hole in the wall need not be wasted. Below are a handful of functional ways you can make use of your fireplace in the off-season.

Find a graphic screen. If you want to cover your fireplace, there are tons of fireplace screens with interesting, unique prints. Choose one that supports or embellishes your design scheme and turn that unused fireplace into a piece of art.

Add shelves. If you will truly never use your fireplace again, build shelving into the back of your fireplace to display photos, art, books and the like.

Book nook. If you don’t want to build shelves, or if you do plan to use the fireplace again come winter, you can still use this section of your living space to store or display books. Cluster a small selection of books on the floor for a minimalist vibe, or stack them high to show off your collection.

Vase space. Similar to the idea of clustering books in your fireplace, you can add vases or other statement pieces to make the most of that dead space.

Stacked wood. If you’re just waiting for winter, purchase some firewood and stack it symmetrically in your fire place. It will look cozy, and you’ll have dry wood come wintertime.

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