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Questions to Ask When Putting on an Addition

Whether you’re expecting a baby, renovating your starter home into your forever home, or just looking for extra space, putting on an addition is a big job. When constructing a new space in your home, it’s important to think through each and every aspect of the process. Below are a handful of questions to ask yourself.

Can I finance the home improvement with my own cash or will I need a loan? How much will the project put you back? Can you really afford to do it now, or should you start saving for a year or two?

How much equity is in the property? A fair amount will make it that much easier to get a loan for home improvements.

Is it feasible to expand the current space for an addition? How will it change your home’s layout, or the exterior of your property?

What is permissible under local zoning and building laws? Despite your deep yearning for a new sunroom or garage, you will need to know if your town or city will allow such improvements.

Should I make the improvement myself or hire a contractor? Unless you’re a seasoned professional, always hire a contractor to do the majority of an add-on. Smaller things, like painting, you can tackle yourself.

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