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How to Save on Winter Heating Bills

While the winter is a time of family and festivities, brisk temperatures tend to drive us indoors, where we jack up the heat—and our heating bills. Below are some tips to reduce your natural gas use this season, which will save you money.

Adjust the hot water heater. When it's cold outside, your hot water heater has to work harder to heat the colder incoming water to the temperature you specify. To help, you can turn down the temperature on your water heater. You may not notice the tiny decrease in heat, but your bill will show the change.

Check your windows. Are your windows keeping the cold air out and the heat in? Have a specialist check your windows and repair any necessary leaks to ensure all that hot air you're pumping stays put.

Wash your clothes in cold. Heating the water in your washing machine taxes your hot water heater. Considering most wash cycles take 40 minutes or more, that's a lot of hot water use. Wash your clothes in cold water to shave major savings off your bill.  

Shorten your showers. This one is obvious, but not always utilized: take shorter showers to lessen your gas bill.

Check your thermostat. To help with your heat bills, set your thermostat to 68 degrees or lower. Throw on a sweater and an extra blanket if need be.

Use a timer. A thermostat timer lowers your thermostat when you're sleeping, and when you're out at work. This can help lower your bills without you having to remember to nudge the thermostat lower every time you exit the house or hit the hay.

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